Sunday, January 19, 2014

Blurb Attempt, aka What my book's about in a rough sort of way

Authors are supposed to have a practiced back-cover-blurb (called a copy) description of their novel in case they run into an agent or editor and they want to pitch their work.
Eventually I will make one and it will be concise, intriguing, and fresh. Sadly it does not exist yet. This soooo does not count as a blurb I'll pitch with, but here goes a first attempt.
Auralie Rocher pretends the bronze statue of a World War I soldier is her boyfriend. She visits him everyday in the woods surrounding Petercove Preparatory Academy.  Surrounded by opulence and  spoiled classmates, Auralie obsesses over her dream of being the orchestra’s concertmistress, never dreaming someone could stand in her way.  
Immediately after the audition of her life, Auralie learns she has a fearsome inheritance, that the unspeakable tragedies in her childhood made her stronger than she could imagine, and that her boyfriend isn’t so pretend anymore.
He’s alive. And he’s in love with her. And still very, very bronze.
There's your taster of what I'm writing. No, it doesn't mention my intricate geology-based magic system, but them's the breaks, eh? 

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