Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm only 62.7% insane for doing this.

So here's the thing. I'm committed to doing this, and I'm going to. But on occasion I think about my workload and get overwhelmed. Surely that never happens to anyone else.

I'm not usually overwhelmed by my writing career (it's the other stuff on my plate,)  but today I was (excuse the line of thought typing) thinking about: finishing the book and edits and betas and then trimming and edits and queries and agents and edits and editors and edits and... other books in my head... and trilogy concepts I can't seem to figure out...


I've just finished Wings by Aprilynne Pike, and loved it. Craft wise it was the perfect novel for me to read. I read up on her and her publishing story and thought of my other author-inspirations and their stories and started to get scared. About my writing! Which is so much less overwhelming than the rest of my life. And I wasn't scared because I don't want to do this or don't think I can, but because it's... a lot of work and I'm slightly busy.

So I decided to kick myself with some self-affirmation.

I can do this. Whoo! No matter how busy I seem or how overwhelmed I feel I will remember that other people did this with a similar work load and obligations. Other stay-at-home-moms with more than one child have done this, still been good mothers, and were successful. Other Mormon women!

I can be like them and publish my own unique stories.

And I so will.

Even though I'm the primary care giver of two children under the age of three, ensure they don't kill each other or maim themselves, make the meals, clean the house, and wash all the laundry. (Since you ask, I live in a gleaming house where the laundry is always folded, gourmet meals are served, and my children are quiet, calm, behaved angels who always sleep at night.)

I can do this even though I put my kids to bed and drive to my part-time custodial job--when I want to be writing or sleeping instead.

Even though I have lyme disease that interferes. (I'm working on it.)

Even though my family is moving in the next seven months and I'm going to have to do the brunt of the packing.

Even though for the first time EVER I have fabulous friends who spend time with me daily, even though I naturally am I hermit, and feel like I should spend time with them instead of writing.

I can do this because my husband is an amazing understanding forgiving man who thinks me writing is a fabulous idea. *I love you, Dylan!*

My point is that IF ALL THE WORLD CONSPIRES TO STOP ME YET WILL I PUBLISH! If it takes me five unpublished novels before I get there, I shall not be deterred!

Now I must scramble to bail out my sinking you'll-never-finish-all-this-work boat. *cackles madly*

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